Parental Involvement

As parents, you are valued and respected

  • We will keep you informed, consulted and included in all aspects of the school and your child’s development.
  • We recognize the important role you play in helping your child to learn and develop.
  • You may have access to any records or assessments that involve your own child and are warmly welcomed to attend or help with school sessions.
DO’S and DON’T


  • Maintain the copy of fees receipt and other receipts issued throughout the year.
  • Parents are required to participate in all events.
  • Please make it sure that your child reach at school on time.
  • Parents needs to send snakes and water bottle with their child.
  • It is compulsory for the child to wear identity card. The identity card should have emergency contact number such as residence number and parents mobile number.
  • Child name should be mentioned on Lunch Box and Water Bag and Books with permanent marker.
  • Parents should bring to the notice of the concerned teacher if the child suffers from any kind of allergy.


  • Do not send your child to the school if he/she not feeling well
  • Do not send a new person to pick up the child. The school will not hand over the child to new unknown person.
  • Parents should not let their child wear any expensive Jewellery to school.